PRESCHOOL: God says “Don’t Worry”

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Today we were reminded that the Israelites didn’t want God to be their King, so they chose Saul.  Now Saul decided to choose a bunch of men to be soldiers. They became very confident and made the Philistines upset. When the rest of the Philistine army came out to fight, the Israelites got worried, because they were not prepared and were few in number compared to the Philistines.

Because they were worried and didn’t trust in God, they hid and did not wait on Samuel to tell them what God wanted them to do. We learned that no matter how big or little the situation is, we should make the choice to not worry and give it to the Lord in prayer.

Ask them about the bugs we used when practicing our Memory Verse. If something is ‘bugging’ us, we should give it to God! We also used bubbles to demonstrate that worries can float away and pop when you give them to God!

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