Parenting Conference

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Saturday, January 30, 2021
8:45am - 12:30pm
3 locations: River City Church in Lafayette (108 Beck Lane)
West Lafayette (3504 Morehouse Rd)
Online (link will be provided for registered guests the day of the event)
$20/ADULT - Complimentary Childcare for the first 50 children is provided!

Your Ticket Includes:
- Mid-Morning Boxed Snack with beverage
- workbook for all 3 sessions
- a chance to interact with other parents in a socially-distanced safe way!

This year’s Parenting Conference will give you practical, Biblical tools to develop cooperation and responsibility in your children. This seminar can dramatically improve your family dynamics to help you get things done more effectively and get kids back on track with less tension. For parents, grandparents, and teachers of children ages 2-18.

Our guest speaker, Dr. Rick Martin from the National Center for Biblical Parenting with be taking us through 3 sessions:
SESSION 1: Overcoming Bad Attitudes
Attitudes serve as a window into a child's heart and parents will learn to identify and offer proactive and corrective solutions to a wide range of attitudes experienced in family life.

SESSION 2: Teaching Children to accept No as an Answer
When a child can not accept no, it may indicate the need for more contentment and less demandingness. Effort will be made to differentiate between a demand, a desire, and a wish and then help parents to develop a plan to teach contentment.

SESSION 3: Dealing with Anger
Anger is a heart problem and needs to be solved from a heart position. Parents will learn to identify the two stages of anger and walk away from the seminar with a 5-week plan they can use to address anger issues within family life.