Counseling Resources

Parenting Challenges. Anxiety. Relationship Problems. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to.
Below is a list of community counseling resources we hope you will find helpful.

Reginald T. Alderman, PhD
Relationship Issues (Individual, Family, or Couples Counseling)
Marriage or Pre-marriage Counseling
Phone: (765) 532-3862

Dr. Reggie Alderman specializes in helping people just like you find relational, spiritual, and mental wholeness through a combination of pastoral counseling and modern cognitive therapy that aims to help you make real positive change in only a few sessions.

Families United
Assisting Children and their Families
663 N. 7th Street Lafayette, IN 47901
Phone: (765) 762-0611

Families United provides support to children and families. A multitude of services are offered, which include: Family Preservation Case Management, Home-Based Therapy, Mental Health Counseling, Sexual Abuse Treatment Programs for victims and offenders, the Healthy Families Indiana Program, and Anger Management classes.

Spiritual Counseling Both our training and our passion are in helping you see the spiritual roots of practical issues. Through prayer and gracious discussion of sensitive issues, our counselors can give you clear guidance toward the spiritual health that will make a true difference in your life.
Relationship Counseling With couples and families, our counselors are especially passionate about helping each individual in the relationship develop their own personal integrity while giving them the skills as a couple to develop strength in their marriage.
Personal Counseling Whether with children, students, or adults, our counselors help people of all backgrounds work through life transitions, personal anxieties, anger, and self-worth. We focus on helping develop spiritual foundations of personal integrity that lead to emotional and relational health.
Family Counseling Families are complicated. Our counselors understand the unique effects of family dynamics on the people in that family and the unique effects of the individuals on the family as a whole.