ELEMENTARY: Feed your Spirit

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We continued our series called TOYS with a lesson using a unique but popular toy! This particular toy has been used by little girls for thousands of years … DOLLS. For generations, little girls have played with dolls that represent real babies. They feed them, change them, talk to them, play games and on and on… We used dolls to talk about being a Spiritual Baby. When we are first born-again, we are like Spiritual Babies… we need to grow and get stronger. We do that by reading the Bible. Just like a Baby wants milk, we are supposed to crave Spiritual milk. As a parent, set the example and read the Bible with your child and encourage them to read it for themselves. If you need a Bible recommendation for your child, Click Here.

Don’t forget to download the Weekly Take Home Page — It will help you reinforce the this week’s Big Idea, Memory Verse and you can use the family devotional activity to build your family’s faith!

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