Alpha at River City Church!

What is Alpha?
Alpha is a highly relational Life Group experience for the unbelieving or new believer where we can explore our questions about the Bible, the Christian faith, and the meaning of life. Adults of any age and background are welcome! Alpha is a relaxed atmosphere that is a lot like a night with friends and includes food, a teaching movie, and conversation. Alpha is also a great place for anyone looking to make new, meaningful, friendships.

Alpha Weekend

Midway through the Alpha season, an Alpha Weekend is offered. The Alpha Weekend is an integral component of a healthy Alpha and occurs several weeks into the series. It allows groups to get out of their typical environment through the change of scenery that comes with an overnight away. Many who have gone on the trip consider the Alpha Weekend the be the defining moment of their Alpha experience as it allows them to process and internalize the discussion in a way not possible while going through one’s normal routine! The Alpha Weekend can turn a good Alpha experience into a life-changing one.
What Happens at Alpha
Break Bread
Each time we get together we start with a time of fellowship and sharing food. Whether it is a small snack or a light meal, we know that few things bring people together like food does!
After the food is done, it is time to watch the learning video for the week. It is here where the focus for that week’s discussion will be introduced. The videos talk about the basics of Christianity and intend to inspire questions and discussions with topics like “Who is Jesus?” and “How Can We Have Faith?”
Perhaps the most important part of an Alpha – the discussion – comes at the end. After the video is played the floor is open for discussion and questions germane to the topic. There is no premise or challenge off limits and everyone is treated with equal kindness and respect. We are really interested in hearing your thoughts and questions, and so is everyone else in the group – so don’t be shy!

Please contact with any questions you have.